This image captures about 80% of the test flight. The other 20% off camera is when Starship SN10 was hovering at 10 kilometers and slowly moving west just up and out of the camera view.

Spacex is getting very close to landing these Starship prototypes. They lost three Starships currently SN8,SN9 & SN10. It’s estimated that Starship is four times as expensive as a Falcon 9 so a very rough cost is about $280 million for each Starship prototype.

You can see Elon Musk’s commitment to make this work with this type of investment and risk in the Starship program.

For a first timer out a Boca Chica it was an incredible experience. The future of human space travel to Mars starts in Texas.

Aryicle & Photo Credit: Scott Schilke for and