Presented by Entelgy Digital – ENAIRE wins award for its Cybersecurity Culture Training Programme

• ENAIRE is a "leader in cybersecurity awareness and collaborative success between Information and Communication Technologies and people" • ENAIRE's Cybersecurity, Systems and Campus units took part in the awareness campaign • The award recognises the dedication of the professionals to this training photo caption: Gerardo Sarmiento Head of Cybersecurity and Maite García Guillén Head Read More

Irish firm to deliver software for Gateway

An Irish tech company is set to develop systems to support operations on a planned lunar space station that will enable regular trips to the Moon, as well as expeditions further into deep space. Dublin-based Skytek will deliver software to help crews complete activities – such as science experiments and maintenance tasks – on board Read More

Antenna to link up CubeSat chains

Many small satellites might in the future do the same – or better – job as their single big equivalent. With that approach in mind, this high-frequency steerable antenna has been designed to link together orbital chains of shoebox-sized CubeSats. CubeSats are mini-satellites built up from standardised 10 cm boxes, initially developed for educational uses Read More

ENAIRE is preparing 2023 summer season with EUROCONTROL with the forecast of surpassing the air traffic record of 2019

• Spain leads Europe (considering the top 5 European countries) in terms of traffic recovery compared to the 2019 baseline. Traffic in 2023 is expected to surpass the record figures in Spain from 2019, the year with highest traffic ever in Europe. • The EUROCONTROL Network Manager and ENAIRE teams analysed the positive air traffic Read More

ESA Technology Strategy for Europe’s future in space

ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher’s Agenda 2025 has set the future course of Europe in space, building on the Agency’s Technology Strategy which details how our continent is developing the essential technology to get it where it is going. Reflecting four years of progress since it was first unveiled and the new guidance from Agenda 2025, Read More

ESA experiences COP27 using a space-empowered metaverse

ESA has created a space-inspired virtual environment to enable its workforce to experience the COP27 climate summit – which is being held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt – without the environmental cost of travelling. This metaverse showcase – connected over the internet and satellite-enabled 5G – provides another demonstration of the potential of next-generation communications, showing Read More

Space for the future: green steel, sweet air, happy plants

For decades, satellites have been instrumental in monitoring our changing climate and improving our understanding of the processes that drive it. But to achieve our climate goals and make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, we need ideas that take the next step and begin to use space technologies to actively prevent, slow, reverse Read More

ESA – Concurrent Engineering takes students to Venus!

In brief 30 university students from 13 different ESA Member States and Malta have attended ESA Academy’s Concurrent Engineering Workshop 2022. Held from 18 to 21 October 2022, the event took place at ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Facility, ESA-ESEC, Belgium -- which is also home to ESA’s educational Concurrent Design Facility (CDF). Providing tuition Read More

How do satellites monitor the ozone layer?

The ozone layer in our upper atmosphere protects Earth from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. The use of human-produced chemicals in our atmosphere used for many years depleted Earth’s ozone layer. However, the reduction in the consumption of ozone-depleting substances driven by the Montreal Protocol – an international treaty designed to protect the ozone Read More