• Applications are open from 24 April to 5 May

• The State-Owned Public Entity is publishing this job offer in order to cover future permanent and/or temporary hiring needs

• The relevant rules and documents are available at www.empleo.enaire.es

• The process will have four graded phases (skill, personality, English and merit test)

ENAIRE is publishing an external call for candidates on standby on www.empleo.enaire.es to cover future permanent and/or temporary hiring needs for jobs that require university graduates, all in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and the 1st Aena Group Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The jobs included in this public employment offer are as follows:

  • Air Navigation Operational Safety Technician (Level A)
  • Air Navigation Operational Safety Technician (Level B)
  • Quality and Environment Technician (Level A)
  • Quality and Environment Technician (Level B)
  • Safety Technician (Level A)
  • Safety Technician (Level B)
  • Communication Technician (Level A)
  • Communication Technician (Level B)
  • Audit Technician (Level A)
  • Audit Technician (Level B)
  • Economic-Administrative Technician (Level A)
  • Economic-Administrative Technician (Level B)
  • Legal Technician (Level A)
  • Legal Technician (Level B)
  • Planning and Strategic Management Technician (Level A)
  • Planning and Strategic Management Technician (Level B)
  • Occupational Risk Prevention Technician (Level A)
  • Occupational Risk Prevention Technician (Level B)
  • Human Resources Technician (Level A)
  • Human Resources Technician (Level B)
  • Economic and Human Resources Technician (Level A)
  • Economic and Human Resources Technician (Level B)

This announcement is published on the website www.empleo.enaire.es, in all its work centres, at www.administracion.gob.es, as well as on ENAIRE’s social media platforms and in official public employment services.

During the selection process, all the information associated with it that is deemed necessary will be published in the “Recruitment Processes” section of the ENAIRE website, www.empleo.enaire.es.


The following are the general requirements for taking part in the selection process:

1) Nationality:

1 Spanish citizens.

2 Be a national of any European Union member State or of a State to which, under the international treaties signed by the European Union and ratified by Spain, the free movement of workers applies.

3 Be the spouse of a Spanish national or of a national of any European Union member state, provided they are not legally separated. Likewise, their descendants and those of their spouse who are under twenty-one years of age, or over this age and dependent on them, may apply under the same conditions.

4 Foreigners who are not in the above groups and who are in Spain legally.

2) Be at least 18 years old and not exceed, where applicable, the maximum forced retirement age, in accordance with the provisions of the current Aena Group Collective Bargaining Agreement, as well as the applicable laws.

3) Not have any illness or physical or mental limitations that are incompatible with the normal performance of the corresponding tasks or duties.

4) Not have been permanently discharged or dismissed for disciplinary reasons from the service of any company of the Aena Group, or its majority-owned subsidiaries, or from any government agency, public authority or related or subsidiary bodies, whether national or foreign, whether as a civil servant or contract employee, nor be barred from
public employment or public office in Spain or abroad.

5) Comply with the legal and conventionally established requirements for performing the job in question.

Selection process

The selection process will consist of Phase 1 (Skill Test), Phase 2 (Personality Test), Phase 3 (Knowledge of English) and Phase 4 (Merits).

The specific requirements for participating in the selection process for each of the positions in question, as well as the preferred official university degrees that will be assessed in Phase 4 (merits due to preferential degrees), will be those set out in Annex II to the Rules.

Only degrees from the Spanish educational system will be considered, as will those that are fully equivalent, pursuant to a certificate of recognition or equivalence issued by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training that allows the holder to exercise the duties proper to the degree and of the occupation in question.

The requirements laid out in the rules for participating in the selectionprocess must be met by the deadline for submitting applications, they must be maintained during the selection process and until the date if and when the applicant is hired; otherwise, the applicant will be excluded from the process. ENAIRE may request at any time during the selection process any documentation it deems appropriate for the purpose of certifying compliance with these requirements.

At any time during the selection process, ENAIRE may require an applicant to submit a medical opinion, certificate of compatibility or additional information from the competent administrative body with regard to the capacity to perform the duties of the job in question, in accordance with the requirements laid out in rule 3.2.

Interested candidates must select a single job bank by submitting one application, duly completed, in accordance with the content published in Annex I (Job Bank Announcements).

They must also indicate their preferred examination venue for the tests, with the choices being ENAIRE’s offices in Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Madrid, Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, Seville or Valencia. Candidates not selecting a venue will be tested in Madrid. Changes in venue will not be accepted once the deadline for submitting applications expires.

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