• ENAIRE’s new air traffic control post will enable air traffic controllers to manage flights more efficiently.
  • ENAIRE will have 132 new iFOCUCS control stations for 2025, which will be distributed in the control centres of Barcelona, the Canary Islands, Madrid, Valencia and subsequently, Seville and the Balearic Islands.

ENAIRE was named a finalist at the Delta Awards 2022, the most outstanding industrial design awards nationwide, after having submitted a bid with the new iFOCUCS air traffic control post, developed in partnership with Indra and Loop Design. The new post will enable air traffic controllers to manage flights in Spanish airspace more efficiently.

The new design of the control posts has led to a greater increase in the main screen, enhanced ergonomics and new functions, such as the inclusion of an additional screen, improved acoustics and visibility and manageability of
instruments. It also features cutting-edge technology with a touch pad and auxiliary screens.

It is a much more user-friendly control position with 4K resolution screens to improve visibility and also allows for a certain degree of customisation to enable users to better adapt.

A total of 159 Delta Selection products challenged for the awards for the best product design in the 41st edition of the Delta Awards, including ENAIRE, which was named as a finalist with the iFOCUCS post. The awards ceremony was held at Barcelona’s Design Hub Auditorium, as part of Barcelona Design Week.

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