Governing Board

• The Plan includes new technological features, airspace initiatives and reinforced staffing

• It will have new flow control tools, which will allow for enhanced efficiency and constantly improved service quality

• ENAIRE will once again be a key player in the measures promoted by the European Network Manager (EUROCONTROL)

• Recently, in addition to the praise received from EUROCONTROL for the quality of the service in the 2022 season, IATA noted that ENAIRE manages a large amount of traffic in relation to its capacity, with “excellent service”

photo Enaire

ENAIRE management presented to its Governing Board an action plan for the 2023 summer season, which is expected to see all-time record air traffic.

This plan includes technical measures, new operational functionalities, airspace restructuring and reinforced controller, technical and service staffing, as well as consolidated flow control tools.

In terms of measures to increase the number of controllers, ENAIRE has continued to support the training and qualification of new professionals for the summer season, with 80 more air traffic controllers available than in the peak month of August 2019, before the pandemic in what was a record year until then for air traffic.

The technical and operational measures include redesigns and new operational improvements to the approach and terminal area procedures for the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas, Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat and Tenerife Sur airports for their peak winter season of 2023, together with improved airspace sectorisation in the Balearic Islands and Barcelona control centres, with the staffing of additional airspace sectors, which will improve the quality of service in terms of reducing delays. These measures will allow for greater efficiency, along with safety and sustainability improvements.

The new technological functionalities include improved security networks, better management tools for departure and arrival sequences, the gradual rollout of new operational functionalities with no paper strips and digital data links in the airport network, new en-route planning and risk management tools, the implementation of the new air traffic control position (iFOCUCS), and the continued deployment of the IP-COMETA Voice Communications System.

ENAIRE is also cementing the use of new flow control and management measures in order to handle more flights for a given capacity.

In coordination with EUROCONTROL

In addition, ENAIRE will take measures on an international level in coordination with the European Network Manager. ENAIRE leads the European Operations Group (NDOP), reinforcing its presence in the Network Manager. Spain, through ENAIRE, plays a key role in managing the European network, as acknowledged by the Director of Network Management at EUROCONTROL, Iacopo Prissinotti, in a letter to ENAIRE’s CEO, Ángel Luis Arias.

Similarly, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) stated that ENAIRE manages a large amount of traffic in relation to its capacity, with “excellent service”, in the words of the Head of Air Traffic Management (ATM) Infrastructure, Rory Sergison.

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