Civil-military coordination

  • The professionals of Spain’s air navigation service provider coordinated civil and military flights from the Canary Islands Control Centre
  • This is the most important training exercise with military aircraft in Spain
  • It involved around 2,000 people and 35 aircraft

ENAIRE, Spain’s air navigation service provider, through its Canary Islands Control Centre, took part in the SIRIO 22 exercise in coordination with the Air and Space Force. The tests were conducted in airspace near the Canary Islands from 17 October to today.

photo Enaire

ENAIRE’s professionals, air traffic controllers and technical personnel, coordinate civil and military flights from the Canary Islands Control Centre.

This is the most important training exercise for the Air and Space Force. The SIRIO 22 exercise tests the ability of our Air Force to defend our airspace while evaluating its deployment capacity, logistical support and more.

SIRIO 22 is used to instruct and evaluate air combat units, combat support units and the command and control system in order to ensure their operational readiness, as well as to maintain their operational availability and the staffing levels required to quickly and effectively organise air operations.

Highly complex tests

Around 2000 people from 21 Air and Space Force units and a total of 35 aircraft from different combat and transport wings took part in the exercise.

Sirio 22 is a highly complex exercise that requires special coordination in airspace management, where ENAIRE’s role is essential to safely, efficiently and sustainably coordinate the management of commercial and military flights during the tests.

The SIRIO22 exercise has once again showcased the high level of civil military coordination at the national level, which allows our Air and Space Force to carry out its operations, exercises and training, while limiting the impact on civil aviation thanks to ENAIRE.


ENAIRE is the air navigation service provider in Spain. As a company of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, it provides en route control services for all flights and overflights from five control centres in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Gran Canaria and Palma, as well as approach services to every airport in the country.

In addition, 45 control towers receive ENAIRE’s communication, navigation and surveillance services, and 21 airports, including the country’s busiest, rely on its aerodrome control services.

ENAIRE is Europe’s fourth largest air traffic manager. Since 1 January 2022, it has chaired the A6 Alliance, a coalition of air navigation providers responsible for over 80% of European air traffic, and which is seeking to modernise the air traffic management system. It is also a member of other international alliances promoting the Single European sky, such as SESAR Joint Undertaking, SESAR Deployment Manager, iTEC, CANSO and ICAO.

ENAIRE, as the agency appointed by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda to implement the U-space system in Spain, will be the provider of the Common Information Services (CIS), which are essential for administering U-space services to drones and Urban Air Mobility, in interaction with local air traffic control services, so that all types of aircraft can fly safely in the same airspace.

ENAIRE also photo