ESA invites university student teams from an eligible state that are developing a one, two or three-unit CubeSat with primarily educational objectives to propose their satellite for the fourth edition of the ‘Fly Your Satellite!’ (FYS) programme

The deadline for submitting proposals is on February 6, 2022, 23:59 CET. Instructions for submitting a proposal and conditions to apply can be found here.

The deployer with LEDSAT has now been integrated onto the launch adapter
The deployer with LEDSAT has now been integrated onto the launch adapter

The fourth edition of Fly Your Satellite! is based on the heritage of the previous editions with the objective to support university student teams throughout the assembly, integration, testing, and verification process of their educational CubeSats. By participating in the programme, students will implement standard practices for spacecraft development; receive support from experienced ESA specialists; attend tailored training courses; and will be offered access to state-of-the-art test facilities.

The programme is for teams that have already manufactured and tested the CubeSat subsystems, and are ready to proceed to the satellite integration shortly after being accepted to the programme. Students will be then supported through the Assembly, Integration, and Verification phase. Teams will be offered a launch opportunity if they demonstrate the readiness of their spacecraft and ground segment and compatibility with the technical and safety requirements.

For the current call, launch opportunities to LEO (Low Earth Orbit) compatible with Space Debris Mitigation requirements on orbital lifetime are envisioned. Teams should indicate in their CubeSat Proposal the range of orbits to which they are compatible in terms of mission objectives, ground coverage, system performance, etc.  Flexibility to several orbits is recommended as CubeSats often fly on rideshare missions or as piggyback payloads and teams should be prepared to accept deployments from orbits that deviate from their optimal performance orbit. The earliest launch opportunity for teams selected through the present call for proposals is expected as of 2023.

Student teams can apply by submitting a proposal describing their CubeSat project and demonstrating its maturity to start their integrated system tests. Instructions to submit a proposal for the fourth edition of the Fly Your Satellite! programme, can be found here.

New opportunities can be expected targeting university teams at different stages of the project lifecycle. Keep an eye out on the ESA Education website to be updated on the latest news. For further information please contact us at cubesats @

Fly Your Satellite! 4 Deadline for proposals: February 6, 2022, 23:59 CEST
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