In a tough week for three American launch providers (ULA, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX) will this SpaceX GPSIIISV04 for the United States Space Force finally break the string of delays, scrubs and aborts and liftoff from launch complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Florida during a 15 minute launch window from 9:43 PM EDT or 1:43 UTC to 9:58 PM EDT or 1:58 UTC?

A brand new first stage booster sits on the launch pad B-1062.1 ready for its maiden voyage to outer space and a hopeful landing on the autonomous SpaceX drone ship Just Read The Instructions out in the Atlantic ocean down range.

The current weather forecast is 70% go for launch from the 45th weather squadron.

This newest satellite is the fourth in the current GPS III series and GPS is a tool we use every day on our phones and in our cars. Space Vehicle SV04 will augment the current GPS constellation comprised of 31 operational spacecraft in medium Earth orbit (MEO). It first rolled out to the launch complex 40 on September 27th. SV04 was built by Lockheed Martin.

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