Not since November 11th 1966 Project Gemini 12 & Agena practice docking stage have there been two orbital class rocket launches in the same day until today!

55.10 years later Cape Canaveral has repeated this moment with SpaceX KPLO Korea’s Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter at 7:08 PM from SLC-40 and earlier in the morning ULA United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket carrying the United States Space Force SBIRS GEO-6 early warning missle satellite at 6:29 AM!

Just incredible to document this moment in history for our American space industry and!

SpaceX placed KPLO into a balistic lunar transfer orbit and it will take to mid December 2022 to reach the moon. This is Korea’s first mission to the moon by the KARI Korea Aerospace Research Institute!

Spacex first stage booster B-1052-6 (it’s sixth flight to space) also safely landed on JRTI Just Read The Instructions down range in the Atlantic ocean and the KPLO Lunar Orbiter has been deployed by SpaceX.

Photos and Summary by Scott Schilke for and