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What is IXPE? Built by Ball Aerospace it is the Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer and has three identical space telescopes that measure the polarization of comic rays from black holes, pulsars and neutron stars. These are the most violent areas of the solar system and IXPE will capture new data never seen before.

Different wave lengths of light coming from distant universes hold different information. X-Rays are high energy radiation from gases that are over a million degrees in heat coming exploding stars and black holes which are the centers for different universes.

The SpaceX first stage booster B-1060.5 previously flew on Crew 1, Crew 2, SXM-8 Sirius and CRS-23 a resupply mission to the ISS. This booster was safely recovered by landing on the autonomous drone ship JRTI Just Read The Instructions down range in the Atlantic ocean to the Southeast of Cape Kennedy. It is the 135th Falcon 9 mission to date.

Another noteworthy accomplishment is beside previous shuttle launches this is the first dedicated science mission that lifted off from historic and Iconic pad 39A.

Per SpaceX.com/launches this now makes 135 total space launches for SpaceX with 97 total landings and 76 re-flown rockets.

Congratulations to everyone who has helped to make this mission a success.

Article and Photos by Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu & space-news.es