…while sitting on the launch pad two days before liftoff!

Something you definitely do not want to see 8-27-22 at mid day just two days away from NASA’s Artemis 1 moon rocket is a lightning strike direct hit on the southeastern most lightning tower which spacenews.lu has seven camera positions both inside and outside of the LC-39B perimeter today even during difficult weather conditions and heat!

Weather is still a 70% go for launch on Monday morning 8:33 AM EDT with a two hour window for a planned six week journey beyond the moon and back to earth for the Orion space craft!

NASA has stated in media meetings that it will push this uncrewed test mission to test both the rocket, 2nd stage, ESA service module and crew capsule to the limits before astronauts fly on Artemis 2.

They will take risks on this mission that they would never do with a crewed flight. This is what a multi billion dollar test flight is all about.

Yesterday we had a confirmed waterspout just west of the launch complex! (see photos )

It’s summer time in Florida and the weather is dangerous! But thrilling too!

Summary & Photo Credit: Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu and space-news.es