An inspiring day today working with NASA Astronaut Randy Bresnik, Scott Wilson KSC Orion Production Manager, Jules Schneider KSC Lockheed Martin director and Jeremy Parsons KSC Deputy EGS Program Manager and other representatives regarding the solid rocket booster stacking operation for the SLS Artemis mission inside the VAB building and then the Lockheed Martin NASA Orion Crew capsule and service module in the Neil Armstrong O&C building.

Launch America (the return to the moon) with Artemis 1 will be the first demonstration mission without a crew and is still looking to the end of this year for launch. A lot of work to accomplish is still ahead of everyone including Artemis 2 & 3 missions for an eventual moon landing.

If all goes well then NASA will proceed with the first women and next man on the moon in 2024!

Lockheed Martin representatives confirmed that they have completed their work and as of today they have handed off the Orion capsule and service module to NASA for processing.

It was determined by all parties that the mission objectives can still be achieved with the remaining seven working power distribution units. Only one computer card on one side in the eighth power distribution unit deep inside the vehicle is not working. Due to all of the redundancy built into the spacecraft the mission and future launch can still proceed.

NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik said in the midst of this pandemic it is incredible that NASA and their contractors are achieving all of the current milestones with the SLS program.

Article and Photo : Scott Schilke for and