NASA & Boeing jointly announced that the next unmanned Starliner OFT-2 (Orbital Flight Test) attempt number two will be targeting no earlier than December 2020 for a planned docking with the ISS. The Starliner CST-100 capsule built by Boeing for future crewed missions did not achieve all mission goals back on December 2019 when it first launched from Cape Canaveral on an ULA Atlas V vehicle from LC-41 Cape Canaveral Florida.

In a statement NASA said “The Commercial Crew Program currently is targeting no earlier than December 2020 for launch of the uncrewed Orbital Flight Test -2 (OFT-2) pending hardware readiness, flight software qualifications, and launch vehicle and space station manifest priorities”

When December 2020 occurs it will be a year that the NASA Boeing Joint Review Team have been working hard to find and solve the software and hardware issues which plagued the first OFT attempt back on December 20th 2019.

The OFT-1 mission failed to dock with the ISS when a mission elapsed timing error caused the maneuvering thruster to fire longer than expected and placed the capsule in the wrong orbit above Earth. Over 60 changes have been requested of Boeing before the next OFT-2 mission can fly. Boeing will also fly a new capsule for this upcoming test flight.

Article and Photos of NASA Boeing ULA launch Dec 2019 by Scott Schilke for