• ENAIRE is a "leader in cybersecurity awareness and collaborative success between Information and Communication Technologies and people"

• ENAIRE's Cybersecurity, Systems and Campus units took part in the awareness campaign

• The award recognises the dedication of the professionals to this training

photo caption: Gerardo Sarmiento Head of Cybersecurity and Maite García Guillén Head of Training both from ENAIRE receiving the award

ENAIRE, the national air navigation service provider, has won the Cybersecurity Culture Training Programme Award, presented by the company Entelgy Digital.

At an event held yesterday in Madrid, featuring experts in Cybersecurity from various institutions and companies, the organisation recognised ENAIRE as “leader in cybersecurity awareness and collaborative success between Information and Communication Technologies and people”.

ENAIRE wants to enhance the protection of its users and technological assets, and to do so, it is conducting a cybersecurity awareness campaign in order to make users more alert and, although complete security does not exist, to protect them more. This awareness campaign, which is a continuation of the first season in 2020, is part of the 2020-2025 Strategic Cybersecurity Plan (PROTEGE), approved and endorsed by the company’s General Management.

This campaign is based on an awareness model that focuses on people’s behaviour and on how new security habits are actually acquired when using technology, services and information.

The training was conducted on the platform of Entelgy Digital, the company that provides this service, and consisted of weekly exercises that were emailed to the students involving that week’s episode.

In total, there were 3 episodes per season (meaning six exercises are already complete), which were scheduled with the different activities associated with each. From February to June of this year, and through September, the platform was made available to those who were unable to finish. During the summer, “review” emails were also sent out with the key takeaways from the episodes.

Multidisciplinary team

The Cybersecurity Office, the Systems Directorate and ENAIRE Campus all worked to provide this training, which is why the award also recognises the collaboration between the three units, although the main reason was the dedication of the professionals who received this training.

The total percentage of employees who watched at least part of an episode was 61.54%. In addition, the completion percentage (how many people log in to watch an episode versus those who complete it) was 55%, considered “very good” by the organisers.

96.96% of the respondents to the training quality survey regarded the experience as very positive; 98.48% now consider themselves as more aware of online dangers, and 94.94% would like to continue with new episodes.

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