DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Braniff–Braniff Airways Foundation the non-profit organization tasked with administering the corporate and historical archives of Braniff Airways, Incorporated, announces that the Braniff Airways Foundation Hall of Fame inductees for 2022, have been selected, according to Braniff Airways Foundation President Richard Ben Cass. The induction event will be presented at Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas, Texas, on August 6, 2022.

Braniff Airways Foundation has selected three remarkable inductees as the next recipients of the Braniff Airways Foundation Hall of Fame Award. The inductees for 2022 are:

Mr. J. T. Watson, Lead Customer Service Agent 1957 to 1989

Ms. Fran Blanchard, Flight Attendant 1964 to 1982

Mr. Frank W. Maddock (posthumous induction), Pilot 1966 to 1982

The dedication of each one of these recipients to their impressive careers at Braniff and their love of aviation and the airline industry were key points that led the Foundation Board to these selections.


Braniff Airways, Incorporated, d/b/a Braniff International, the former international airline, is now a leading global historic airline branding and marketing, online retail and historic airliner tour firm, which was originally formed in 1928. Braniff manages a portfolio of licensing agreements worldwide. The company operates its lucrative Braniff Boutique Online Retail store braniffboutique.com that sells to 120 plus countries worldwide along with three brick and mortar stores. Braniff also administers its original Employee/Retiree Airline Pass Benefits Program, which offers current and former employees discount travel on partner airlines and travel companies.

Braniff Airways supports Braniff Airways Foundation, which is the official repository for Braniff’s historical corporate and employee records, photographs and negatives and memorabilia. Over 100 million pages of Braniff corporate documents and 40,000 historical items are preserved in the Foundation’s Braniff International Heritage Archives, which are housed at three locations in Dallas, Texas, and the company’s records retention facility in Arkansas

Braniff Airways has created an endowment at The University of Texas at Dallas to support the Space Sciences Department. An additional endowment has been created to support the administration of Braniff International Heritage Archives.

For more information: www.braniffinternational.com

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