Shake Rattle & Roll tomorrow at 9:41 AM Nov. 1st Tuesday with more than 5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff SpaceX FalconHeavy USSF-44 which is currently the most powerful operational rocket in the world (until Artemis 1 launches) from LC-39A Cape Kennedy Florida.

Weather is 90% Go For Launch and the two side core boosters will return to LZ-1 & LZ-2 with the strengthen center core will be expended in the Atlantic Ocean. Fairing recovery ship “Doug” is 1410km downrange to attempt a recovery of both fairing halves.

This is only the fourth Falcon Heavy to launch and its been over three years since the last Heavy broke the bonds of gravity.

First Heavy was a demonstration launch with Elon’s Tesla roadster and Starman at the wheel back on Feb. 6th 2018. 2nd Heavy was ArabSat-6A on April 11th 2019 and the third was USAF STP-2 with two rideshares from Celestis & Lightsail-2 on June 25th 2019.

Good luck to the entire team at SpaceX, Elon Musk and United States Space Force on tomorrow’s mission.

Article & Photos by Scott Schilke for and