8:00 AM CT SpaceX was forced to scrub the first test flight of Starship super heavy S24 & first stage booster B7 due to a malfunctioning pressurant valve with twenty minutes to go for liftoff. 

Due to this valve failure stopping all launch possibilities SpaceX pivoted and completed a wet dress rehearsal before shutting down all operations for the rest of today. 

The photos attached show a very frosty (super chilled) fuselage below the Starship 2nd stage vehicle. Also the photos show a heavy marine presence of boaters parked in the shipping lane at the extreme south end of Padre Island Texas hoping to watch history unfold on this long awaited mission. South Padre Island was packed with many thousands of spectators clogging highways leading into and away from the island. 

Article and Photos by Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu and space-news.es