SpaceX will try a second launch attempt for GPSIIISV04 United States Space Force on Thursday November 5th from SLC-40 Cape Canaveral Florida at 6:24 PM or 23.24 UTC for liftoff with booster B-1062.1

SpaceX scrubbed the first attempt back on October 2nd just seconds from launch when two engines prematurely fired. After the removal of the engines for inspection and testing it was found that tiny relief valve vent ports one sixteenth of an inch wide were obstructed by a hardened masking lacquer similar to red nail polish which a third party contractor uses to anodizes aluminium engine components and was not properly removed in the cleaning process.

After finding this issue with the two of the nine GPSIIISV04 engines SpaceX reexamined all of their new rocket boosters and found a similar situation with two new engines on the Crew 1 booster still scheduled for November 14th and one engine on the Sentinel 6 booster in California. All five engines have been removed and now replaced.

The weather forecast for this launch on Thursday is 70% favorable.

Article and Photos by Scott Schilke for