Seconds before launch SpaceX had to scrub the Tuesday June 29th launch attempt due to a report that the range was red or a “No Go” for launch. It most likely was due to storms near the launch pad and LZ-1 landing area or a reported aircraft in the restricted area mentioned on the SpaceX broadcast. No official word has been given on why the scrub took place.

The next launch attempt is now Wednesday June 30th 2021 at the same launch time of 2:56 PM EDT or 18:56 UTC with a 58 minute window.

On top of the Falcon 9 booster which already has flown seven times to outer space are 88 small satellites or cubesats along with three SpaceX Starlink satellites. The list of flight customers on this mission is long and a large number of the customers will be listed in our launch article once this mission has been launched and a successful deployment of satellites has occurred. has cameras out on the launch pad which are going through heavy thunderstorms and Florida heat over the next 48 hours so stay tuned for hopefully action packed remote photos once they are picked up and the pad is deemed safe.

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