At 11:06 AM EST SpaceX launched and successfully delivered to GTO Geostationary Transfer Orbit two Maxar built Intelsat C-Band communication satellites for television service above North America with the Galaxy 31 & 32 satellites.

SpaceX also expended the most famous first stage booster B-1051-14 into the Pacific Ocean per their customers needs to reach orbit which had the NASA worm logo on the side for the first historic mission of returning America to crewed space flights with Demo-1 the first American crewed mission to the ISS since the retirement of the Space Shuttle.

It is estimated once the satellites reach GEO Gestationary Earth Orbit on their own that they will be operational by late November 2022 in a replacement cycle for Intelsat. The satellites will have a 15 year expected life expectancy 

First stage booster previously flew as mentioned above the Demo-1 mission, Radarsat, SXM-7 Sirius, and 10 Starlink satellites before this launch took place.

Weather was 90% Go For Launch by the USSF 45th weather squadron and the rocket was in and out of two cloud layers during it’s final trip to outer space.

According to this now marks the 190th total launches, the 152nd total SpaceX landing (this mission did not land but was expended) and the 126 reflight of a Falcon 9 first stage booster. It also marks a new corporate SpaceX record of 52 launches in 2022 between California and Florida.

Congratulations to all involved in making this such a successful mission.

Photos and Article by Scott Schilke for &