Stunning success late last night at 11:50 PM ET 1-9-22 with this gorgeous liftoff of SpaceX Falcon 9 B-1076-2 carrying 40 OneWeb satellites into orbit in clear evening skies!

First stage booster B-1076-2 on its 2nd flight to space also made another pin point landing back at LZ-1 Cape Canaveral Florida just eight minutes after launch with the signature double sonic booms reverberating across a very calm Indian River near Max Brewer Bridge.

OneWeb their 2nd time flying with SpaceX has confirmed that they have made contact with all 40 satellites in their polar orbit and are delighted with all the success after liftoff.

This is SpaceX 201st corporate launch, their 162 total landing and the 137 total reflight of a first stage booster per

Photos by Scott Schilke for and

Thanks to SpaceX & the U.S.Space Force 45th Delta teams for the access to the launch pad.