Due to upper level winds SpaceX delayed the 6:57 PM EDT 22:58 UTC attempt for Starlink 4-26 to an evening launch at 10:14 PM EDT August 9th 2022 from LC-39A Cape Kennedy Florida. 

On board were an additional 52 Starlink Internet satellites for the for the fourth shell in the Starlink constellation. This now makes the 35th corporate launch for SpaceX including flights from Vandenberg California and Cape Canaveral Florida in 2022. First stage booster B-1073-3 completed its third space flight and landed on ASOG A Shortfall of Gravitas down range in the Atlantic ocean. 

Starlink is now available in 36 countries around the globe and the constellation has about 2,920 satellites in orbit as of tonight’s launch. 

According to www.SpaceX.com/launches this now makes 173 total launches with 135 Falcon 9 booster landings using 111th reflown rockets. 

Congratulations to the entire SpaceX team and Space Launch Delta 45 United States Space Force. 

Article and off site photos by Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu and space-news.es