Previously scheduled back on September 17th for launch but delayed due to severe high seas in the recovery area from Atlantic hurricanes including recently one weather violation abort and one weather delay and a ground system equipment abort this SpaceX Starlink 13 mission launched at 7:29 AM EDT or 11:29 UTC October 6th from historic launch complex 39A.

This marks the 43rd reflown Falcon 9 first stage booster and the 61st successful landing of one. Booster B-1058.3 has flown to space now for the third time and one of the fairing halves previously flown twice was successfully caught in the net of MS. Tree. The booster landed on the autonomous drone ship OCISLY over 635 km downrange.

All 60 Starlink satellites have been successfully deployed.

It was a picture perfect sunrise and launch to finally start October off on the right foot for Cape Canaveral launches. Congratulations to the team at SpaceX.

Photo Credit: Scott Schilke for SPACENEWS.LU