SpaceX keeps hitting 9th inning game winning shots the last four days with a successful and historic crewed demonstration test flight with NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley docking at the ISS, the first stage booster B-1058.1 landing on OCISLY, first touch screen navigation of a Dragon capsule and now an on time launch of Starlink 7 at 9:25 PM ET from launch complex 40, the fifth landing of this Starlink booster B-1049.5 on drone ship (JRTI) Just Read The Instructions her first Atlantic booster landing mission and successful deployment of all 60 Starlink satellites.

Currently both SpaceX drone ships now have first stage boosters sitting on them. Congratulations to everyone at SpaceX for continuing to inspire all of us!

Booster B-1049.5 might become the first booster to fly six times in the future! Simply amazing!

Image Credit: Scott Schilke