SpaceX just canceled the next SpaceX Starlink launch for this Wednesday 2-17-21 at 12:55 AM EST from launch complex 39A at Cape Canaveral Florida.

A gorgeous night for a SpaceX Falcon 9 Starlink 19 launch from LC-40 Cape Canaveral Florida at 10:59 PM EST with successfull deployment of all 60 Starlink Internet satellites increasing their total to 1,145 in the constellation.

Unfortunately first stage booster B-1059.6 made its sixth flight into space but did not successfully land on the drone ship OCISLY down range in the Atlantic ocean which ended an impressive string of 24 successful first stage recoveries back in March 2020. SpaceX still has nine active Falcon 9 boosters available in their fleet.

  • Scott Schilke also photo