….due to a second stages sensor reading at T-1:53 in the countdown.

The next launch attempt will be on Saturday December 19th with the same three hour launch window as today starting at 9:00 AM EDT or 14:00 UTC. The weather forecast is 70% favorable for launch.

Earlier in the day SpaceX pushed back the launch attempt from 9:00 AM EST to 9:45 AM EST due to almost zero visibility from a low cloud deck, fog and misty rain over the launch pad from a week cold front crossing over the space coast.

At 2:30 PM EST or 19:30 UTC a leaning SpaceX first stage booster B-1051.7 arrived at Port Canaveral from it’s four day Atlantic ocean journey on JRTI drone ship from the Sirius XM SXM-7 satellite liftoff at launch pad 40 on December 13th 2020. This booster is only the second booster in the current SpaceX fleet to have flown to outer space and landed seven times.

The angle of the leaning booster appears to be around ten degrees with one of the four legs completely off the drone ship deck. Octagrabber a SpaceX robot was able to autonomously clap on to the booster and stabilize it from falling off the barge after this landing.

article and Photo Credit: Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu