On a totally overcast sky with intermittent light rain showers at LC-39A SpaceX at 10:21 AM EDT or 14:21 UTC had to stop the count down in the last thirty seconds and scrub the launch attempt due to weather violations. A new launch date for this mission has not been determined.

SpaceX will be launching 60 internet communication satellites on this mission with a first stage booster B-1058.3 that has flown two previous times. This booster flew on DM-2 with NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley and the ANASIS-2 satellite mission. Another record for SpaceX will be the third attempt at flying one of the fairing halves.

SpaceX continues to push the boundaries of re-useability and we wish them success in their next launch attempt.

SpaceX will also be trying trying to fly another mission for the Department of Defense the GPSIII SV04 GPS navigation satellite on Sept 29th at 9:55 PM or 01:55 UTC from launch complex 40. The weather is only 40% favorable.

Spacenews.lu and spacenews.es will be there to cover all of the three scheduled launches or scub attempts during this week at Cape Canaveral Florida.

Photo and article by Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu