Learn more about Earth’s climate in this engaging webinar with Beniamino Abis from ESA-ESRIN. Beniamino was invited by ESA Education to talk to the students participating in the Climate Detectives school project and help them understand the role of forests in our planet’s climate,  and how Earth observation satellites work. 

In the webinar, Beniamino explains in simple terms the basics of Earth’s climate using examples of urban forests, the atmosphere, and Earth Observation satellites among many others. He explains the relationships between forests and climate as well as between storms and climate change. He also discusses how scientists investigate climate change and air pollution using satellites and Earth Observation with some impressive ideas about what we can all do to protect our planet’s climate!

Below, you can also find some details about our expert and highlights of the webinar. To watch the entire webinar, please find the full video here.

About the Expert

Beniamino Abis is an expert in the field of Earth Observation with a background in mathematics and a PhD on the dynamics of the boreal forest with respect to climate change. Since 2019 Beniamino has been working at Progressive Systems in supporting ESA-ESRIN as an expert in Climate and Earth Observation

Interested in outreach, he tries to explain science by combining compelling visual stories and relatable concepts.


How do satellites get into space? How exactly do they work? 

What is the role of forests? Are trees in urban areas more efficient in terms of CO2 reduction than trees in forests?

Why are storms so prevalent in recent times? Why does rain accumulation cause flooding of the streets?