SpaceX Starlink 14 launch

On a partly cloudy morning with light rain showers advancing on historic launch complex 39A SpaceX successfully launched their Starlink 14 mission with 60 company satellites on board at 8:25 AM EDT or 12:25 UTC from Cape Canaveral Florida for their 18th launch this year. First stage booster B-1051.6 flew and landed for the sixth Read More

Mercy Ships Leverages SES Networks’ Signature Maritime Solution to Bring Life-Saving Healthcare to World’s Deprived Regions

Improved satellite-based connectivity will allow communities in developing countries to receive better healthcare services including distant diagnostics, instant analyses as well as remote medical trainings for local medical staff Mercy Ships, the leading humanitarian mission delivering vital healthcare and medical training in some of the world’s most economically deprived regions, has announced it will be Read More

SpaceX Starlink 13 mission launched

Previously scheduled back on September 17th for launch but delayed due to severe high seas in the recovery area from Atlantic hurricanes including recently one weather violation abort and one weather delay and a ground system equipment abort this SpaceX Starlink 13 mission launched at 7:29 AM EDT or 11:29 UTC October 6th from historic Read More

ULA Delta IV Heavy Scrub Statement

The launch of the United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy NROL-44 mission has been scrubbed. The local weather resulted in a significant delay to pre-launch preparations including the roll of the Mobile Service Tower (MST). When the MST roll began we discovered a hydraulic leak in the ground system required to move the tower which Read More