Flight simulations: putting Juice under pressure – with video

Sat in a windowless office beneath ESA’s Main Control Room in Darmstadt, Germany, two Simulations Officers have complete control over the Juice spacecraft and ESA’s deep space ground stations across the globe – and they take full advantage. These aren’t the real 35-metre antennas or the actual spacecraft (currently in Kourou, French Guiana), but a Read More

Brightest gamma-ray burst illuminates our galaxy as never before

ESA space telescopes have observed the brightest gamma-ray burst ever seen. Data from this rare event could become instrumental in understanding the details of the colossal explosions that create gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). X-rays from the blast have illuminated 20 dust clouds in our galaxy, allowing their distances and dust properties to be determined more accurately Read More

The ENAIRE Foundation announces grants for 168,000 euros to preserve Spain’s historical aeronautical heritage

• The recipients of this aid must be non-profit entities with tax residence in Spain and a collection of at least 4 historic aircraft • These grants, which are being offered for the third year, will be awarded to four entities as follows: 97,000 euros for the applicant with the highest score; 54,000, 12,000 and Read More

Proba-3 complete: Formation-flying satellites fully integrated

The two spacecraft forming ESA’s Proba-3 mission for precise formation flying in orbit are now complete. All the instruments and sensors allowing them to manoeuvre to millimetre scale precision relative to one another have been integrated aboard, and the pair are fully wrapped in multi-layer insulation – ready to be tested in simulated space conditions. Read More

SpaceX launches their 20th mission in 2023 with Starlink 5-5 on March 24th!

At Cape Canaveral SpaceX launched their 20th mission so far this year on Friday late morning for Starlink 5-5 with a ten time first stage booster B-1076 from launch pad SLC-40 Cape Canaveral Florida at 11:43 AM. Fifty-three internet satellites were delivered to space and the first stage booster successfully landed on their drone ship Read More