Galileo signal component tested for Internet of Things use

One of Europe's Galileo satellites has been reconfigured to emit a new signal component optimised to serve low-end receiver devices and Internet of Things applications.  Galileo satellite in orbit The metre-level accuracy provided by Galileo’s Open Service makes it the world’s most accurate generally-available service, out-performing other global navigation systems such as GPS and providing Read More

The number of drone operations managed by ENAIRE rose by 70% in 2022

• ENAIRE manages drone flight requests to guarantee the operational safety of manned aircraft • In 2022, ENAIRE managed 10,325 flight requests, which was 70% more requests than in 2021 • Catalonia was the autonomous community with the most operations (2,414), followed by the Canary Islands (1,444), Madrid (1,411) and the Basque Country (732). • Read More

ESA’s Cheops finds an unexpected ring around dwarf planet Quaoar

During a break from looking at planets around other stars, ESA’s CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite (Cheops) mission has observed a dwarf planet in our own Solar System and made a decisive contribution to the discovery of a dense ring of material around it. The dwarf planet is known as Quaoar. The presence of a ring at Read More

Europe’s next radar satellite tip-top for flight

Following its arrival at Thales Alenia Space’s cleanroom facilities in the south of France last October, Europe’s next radar satellite, Copernicus Sentinel-1C, has been put through its paces in a series of tests and demonstrated that it is in tip-top condition for flight. Engineers have also carried out the all-important and precise check to ensure Read More

Industry Day: find out how to take part in low-orbit satnav testing

ESA is embarking on the in-orbit demonstration of a new satellite navigation constellation operating much closer to our planet, utilising novel frequencies and capabilities, so the Agency is looking for European companies interested in taking part. Attend ESA’s LEO-PNT Industry Day on 7 March at ESA’s ESTEC technical centre in the Netherlands to find out Read More

Chile battles raging wildfires

Deadly wildfires continue to rage in south-central Chile destroying hundreds of thousands of hectares of land across the country. Satellite images captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-3 mission on 4 February show the ongoing fires and heatwave in South America. The fires in Chile have consumed approximately 270 000 hectares of land, killing over 20 and Read More

SpaceX launches their 9th mission in 2023 date at 8:32 PM Feb 6th 2023! SpaceX launched Hispasat Amazonus Nexus to service Greenland, the America's and shipping channels at 8:32 PM Feb.6th 2023 from SLC-40 on a totally cloud free evening. First stage booster B-1073-6 successfully deployed this satellite to orbit and landed on JRTI almost due east from Cape Canaveral around Read More

ESA – Applications now open for Alpbach Summer School 2023

The 45thedition of the Summer School Alpbach will be held from 11 to 20 July 2023. The topic of the 2023 edition is “Exoplanets: Understanding alien worlds in diverse environments”. University students have until 28 February 2023 to apply.   Held annually since 1975 in the beautiful Austrian Alps, the Summer School Alpbach enjoys a long tradition Read More