OQ Technology to become world’s largest 5G NB-IoT LEO-satellite operator

Company plans to grow its constellation from three to ten this year, enhancing its 5G narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) connectivity service based on 3GPP for non-terrestrial networks OQ Technology, the world’s first and only satellite operator of a 5G NB-IoT constellation, plans to grow its constellation from three to ten satellites in low Earth Read More

SpaceX launches OneWeb satellites and lands booster at LZ-1 Cape Canaveral Florida March 9th 2023!

A beautiful on time blue skies liftoff from SLC-40 at 2:13 PM EST 19:13 UTC 3-9-23 by SpaceX for their customer OneWeb 17 with 40 satellites for this London based company. First stage Falcon 9 booster B-1073-7 made a pinpoint landing at LZ-1 with Relativity Terran 1 in the landing shot. OneWeb now has and Read More

Thanks to the airports, ENAIRE receives its best score ever in the study of perceived quality

• The latest airport survey, from 2021, yields a score of 91%, the best in its history • The level of perceived quality (LPQ) by airlines exceeds 80%, a 4-point improvement over the result from 2020 • The level of aerodrome control services provided by towers is 11.4% higher than in the last survey • Read More

Call for the 2023 ESA/ELGRA Gravity-Related Research Summer School

In brief ESA's Education Office and the European Low Gravity Research Association (ELGRA) are joining hands again to organise the Eighth edition of the ESA/ELGRA Gravity-Related Research Summer School, which will take place from 19 to 30 June 2023. In-depth Expert talking about the effects of microgravity on Earth This unique Summer School offers an overview of the Read More

How does Galileo help other space missions?

In 2023 satnav receivers are everywhere: in our phones, our cars, and drones, in fixed infrastructure, aboard boats, trains and aircraft. They are also in space: more than 95% of all the satellites in low-Earth orbit carry satnav receivers to calculate their position. The additional signals from Europe’s Galileo satellites are providing a big boost Read More

Shaky times for the SOURCE CubeSat

In brief The Stuttgart Operated University Research CubeSat for Evaluation and Education, or SOURCE for short, is a mini-satellite designed and built by students taking part in the third cycle of Fly Your Satellite! Its ambitious mission will see it operate around 500km above Earth’s surface to test several technologies, as well as conducting atmospheric Read More

Guide morphing rovers across alien world in evolutionary computing contest

Thousands of years from now, the descendants of humankind gather via a galactic network of wormholes to begin the joint exploration of a curiously Mars-like world in deep space. A constellation of quantum communication satellites serve to oversee the progressive mapping of this terra incognita by AI rovers, which are capable of morphing their shape Read More

Space Ambition now interactive!

The interactive version of the Space Ambition book is now online, featuring all the content and images included in the hardcover edition. With an introduction from ESA DG Josef Aschbacher, an overview of ESA’s ambition for space in Europe, and more than 120 pages of inspiring space images, this interactive publication brings ESA’s vision and Read More

Autonomous Weapons Systems to be addressed for the first time in Luxembourg

On 25 & 26 April, the Minister of Defence François Bausch organizes the Luxembourg Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) conference at Maison des Arts et des Étudiants in Belval (LU). The conference aims to offer stakeholders a forum to discuss military use cases, ongoing work, risks and challenges associated with the use of Autonomous Weapons Systems Read More