Test tanks fuelled for ESA’s Themis reusable first stage

Recently completed tests of two propellant tanks set a first technological milestone in the ESA reusability roadmap towards the demonstration of a reusable first stage vehicle called Themis. Through the Themis programme, ESA aims to assess the economic value of reusability for Europe while investing in new technologies for potential use in ESA’s future fleet Read More

ESA – Cosmic pearl

It can be hard to appreciate that a human-made, football-pitch-sized spacecraft is orbiting 400 km above our heads, but there it is. The jewel of human cooperation and ingenuity that is the International Space Station shines brightly in this image captured by ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet from the SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour. GMT312_ISS_Flyaround_Part2_1087 Crew-2 got Read More

Applications open for the Online Technology Transfer, Application & Innovation Workshop 2022

In brief Are you a highly motivated university student in engineering, science or business administration with a keen interest in technology and innovation? The ESA Education Office is looking for university students to participate in the Online edition of the ESA Academy’s Technology Transfer, Application & Innovation Workshop. In-depth Developed in close collaboration with the Read More

Galileo satellites given green light for launch – with video

Europe’s next pair of Galileo satellites have been given a green light for launch. Last Friday’s Launch Readiness Review confirmed that the satellites, the supporting ground installations, and the early operations facilities and teams are ready for lift-off on the early hours of Thursday morning, European time. Galileo upper composite transported to launch site Galileo Read More

Autonomous shuttle transports passengers at Harwell Campus

A driverless shuttle service that uses integrated 5G and satellite communications has launched at Harwell Campus in the UK. The electric shuttle’s communications technology was developed by Darwin Innovation Group with the support of ESA and the UK Space Agency.    The service is run by Darwin on two separate routes across campus, both of Read More

As part of the 2025 Flight Plan ENAIRE, EUROCONTROL and IATA hold their tenth conference to promote aviation safety

They shared their vision and experiences involving the main safety challenges facing the sector as traffic recovers to pre-pandemic levelsTraffic management has been analysed in response to airspace infringements or exceptional situations, such as volcanic ash or emergencies just after take-offA new action plan has been drawn up to reduce the risk that general aviation Read More

Sentinel-6 returning most precise data ever on sea level

Sea-level rise is one of the most immediate consequences of climate change, as highlighted recently through urgent pleas from leaders of island nations at the COP26 summit. Global measures of sea-level rise are imperative to underpinning global policy and for strategies to protect coastlines and low-lying lands. Measuring tiny differences in the height of the Read More

Science with Webb: seeing farther – video

The James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) is designed to answer fundamental questions about the Universe. With 100 times more sensitivity than the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, and a mirror which is nearly double the size of ESA’s Herschel Space Observatory, it can detect infrared light generated by galaxies as they formed more than 13.5 billion Read More