ESA spacecraft catch the brightest ever gamma-ray burst

An explosive gamma-ray burst, one of the brightest ever detected, lit up in the sky on 9 October 2022. A gamma-ray burst is a super energetic explosion and this one originated in the constellation Sagitta. The signal of the burst – called GRB 221009A – was picked up by many ESA observatories. Some suddenly noticed Read More

Reprogrammable OneSat on track for success

Applications The OneSat family of geostationary software-defined telecommunications satellites has passed successfully its first qualification review. The first part of the OneSat qualification review has successfully demonstrated the maturity of the various developments to safely proceed towards the start of satellite integration activities. OneSat is setting a new paradigm for geostationary telecommunication satellites by using Read More

ENAIRE estimates that it will coordinate 64% more drone operations by the close of 2022

The GO-DRON operational working group brings together industry associations, police, Air Force, the aviation authority, the ministries of the Interior, Defence and Transport, emergency organisations and others to bring about changes in airspace that will facilitate the growth of the drone sectorENAIRE shares with the sector the progress made in U-Space and associated projects to Read More

Shadow hunters capture Didymos asteroid eclipsing stars

After months of effort, astronomers have succeeded in capturing the momentary shadow cast by the Didymos asteroid, from tens of million km away as it passed in front of far-distant stars – a feat of observation only made possible when both the trajectory of the asteroid and the precise location of the stars are known. Read More

Webb uncovers dense cosmic knot in the early Universe

Astronomers looking into the early Universe have made a surprising discovery using the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope. Webb’s spectroscopic capabilities, combined with its infrared sensitivity, have uncovered a cluster of massive galaxies in the process of formation around an extremely red quasar. The result will expand our understanding of how galaxies in the early Read More

Webb takes a stunning, star-filled portrait of the Pillars of Creation

The NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope has captured a lush, highly detailed landscape – the iconic Pillars of Creation – where new stars are forming within dense clouds of gas and dust. The three-dimensional pillars look like majestic rock formations, but are far more permeable. These columns are made up of cool interstellar gas and Read More

Ariane 6 first flight planned for fourth quarter of 2023

Ariane 6, the new heavy-lift launch system being developed by the European Space Agency, will make its inaugural flight as soon as the fourth quarter of 2023. Briefing media gathered at ESA’s Paris Bertrand headquarters on 19 October, Director General Josef Aschbacher said sufficient progress had been made over the past several months to anticipate Read More

CISM European Conference – ENAIRE analyses stress management in aviation with international experts

CISM, or critical incident stress management, is being discussed today and tomorrow in Madrid at a meeting of great international importance organised by ENAIRE and EUROCONTROL The hybrid-format conference is being attended by professionals from Australia, Austria, the United States, Ireland, Greece, Poland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Spain Ángel Luis Arias, ENAIRE's CEO, says Read More

First Eurostar Neo satellite launched

The first satellite to be built under ESA’s Eurostar Neo programme has launched. The satellite – called Eutelsat Hotbird 13F – was developed and built by satellite manufacturer Airbus for satellite operator Eutelsat. It is based on the Eurostar Neo telecommunications satellite platform, developed under an ESA Partnership Project with Airbus designed to foster innovation Read More