ENAIRE is preparing 2023 summer season with EUROCONTROL with the forecast of surpassing the air traffic record of 2019

• Spain leads Europe (considering the top 5 European countries) in terms of traffic recovery compared to the 2019 baseline. Traffic in 2023 is expected to surpass the record figures in Spain from 2019, the year with highest traffic ever in Europe. • The EUROCONTROL Network Manager and ENAIRE teams analysed the positive air traffic Read More

ESA Technology Strategy for Europe’s future in space

ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher’s Agenda 2025 has set the future course of Europe in space, building on the Agency’s Technology Strategy which details how our continent is developing the essential technology to get it where it is going. Reflecting four years of progress since it was first unveiled and the new guidance from Agenda 2025, Read More

To orbit and back with Space Rider

Europe’s bid to deliver a return-to-Earth service for in-orbit transportation and research projects is rapidly taking shape, with teams working on the Space Rider spacecraft gearing up for a series of drop tests in 2023. Drop tests with small-scale models will be followed by a full-scale test in anticipation of inaugural flight towards the end Read More

Martian dust storms churn up Earth-like clouds

ESA’s Mars Express has revealed that Mars churns up surprisingly Earth-like cloud patterns that are reminiscent of those in our planet’s tropical regions. Earth and Mars have vastly different atmospheres. The dry, cold atmosphere of Mars is composed almost entirely of carbon dioxide while Earth’s is rich in nitrogen and oxygen. Its atmospheric density is Read More

ENAIRE recovered 99% of flights in October compared to the record levels of 2019

Domestic flights and overflights already exceed 2019 figuresThe recovery of air traffic in Spain exceeds the European average by over 11 percentage pointsThe flights managed in Seville rose by 15.4%Eighth consecutive month of traffic growth in the Balearic IslandsFlights in the Canary Islands increased by 5%In October, Barcelona managed more flights than in 2019Madrid managed Read More

ESA experiences COP27 using a space-empowered metaverse

ESA has created a space-inspired virtual environment to enable its workforce to experience the COP27 climate summit – which is being held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt – without the environmental cost of travelling. This metaverse showcase – connected over the internet and satellite-enabled 5G – provides another demonstration of the potential of next-generation communications, showing Read More

Strong European support for space to combat climate crisis

Europe should demonstrate responsibility, leadership and autonomy in space – and its highest priority should be to address climate change, according to a poll of European citizens. Almost nine out of ten people questioned said that collecting insights on climate change and understanding what is happening on Earth should be the most important use of Read More

ESA Extremes

ESA is Europe’s space agency, enabling its 22 Member States to achieve results in space that no individual nation can match. ESA combines space mission development with supporting labs, test facilities and in-house experts covering every aspect of space, from exploration to applications, Earth observation to telecommunications and navigation. This potent formula has chalked up Read More