Teams selected for the pilot edition of Fly Your Satellite! Test Opportunities

In brief Following a call for proposals and careful selection process, two university teams have now been chosen to participate in the pilot edition of the Fly Your Satellite! Test Opportunities programme. This is designed to give students valuable support and training in conducting an environmental test campaign of their devices. Programme is actually open not to Read More

How much do European citizens know about space?

Europeans are undeniably interested in space activities, and the idea of pooling resources between European countries is considered important unanimously by European citizens: just two of the fascinating findings from a recent survey of public perceptions of issues related to space. Carried out on behalf of ESA by Harris Interactive in December 2018, the survey Read More

Saying goodbye to Galileo 1st Generation

Galileo is Europe’s largest satellite constellation – and the world’s most accurate satnav system. The work on Galileo began two decades ago with two test GIOVE satellites, followed by a series of operational launches. The two GIOVE satellites, the first Galileo In-Orbit Validation satellite and all 34 Galileo Full Operational Capability satellites were tested at Read More

ESA results on display at COP27

Achieving net-zero by the second half of the century is considered vital if global temperatures are to remain well below the two degrees rise as set out by the Paris Agreement for climate. From their vantage point in space, satellites provide a unique means of tracking progress towards achieving this balance between greenhouse gas emissions Read More

Biomass heads for the shaker

Over the last six months, engineers at Airbus in Stevenage, UK, and teams from Europe and North America have turned a multitude of structural parts and electronic units into a complete satellite: ESA’s Biomass satellite. Now complete, this brand-new satellite has been shipped to Airbus’ testing facility in Toulouse, France, where it will be put Read More

Managers Proceed Toward Nov. 16 Launch, to Meet Monday

The Artemis I mission management team met Sunday evening to review the status of preparations for launch and gave a “go” to proceed toward a Nov. 16 launch attempt. The team will meet again Monday afternoon to review additional analysis associated with caulk on Orion’s launch abort system that came loose during Hurricane Nicole. The Read More

Breaking news! have photos of damage to Orion from Hurricane Nicole NASA is investigating the effects on flight has first hand photos from their on site photographer of the concern NASA Mission Management Teams are working through after discovering a 10 feet thin strip of RTV sealant about 0.2 inches thick which Hurricane Nicole winds blew off on the east side of the Orion spacecraft while it remained out on the launch Read More

SpaceX Launched a replacement Intelsat Galaxy mission with dual satellites and expended B-1051-14 in it’s final flight today Nov. 12th 2022!

At 11:06 AM EST SpaceX launched and successfully delivered to GTO Geostationary Transfer Orbit two Maxar built Intelsat C-Band communication satellites for television service above North America with the Galaxy 31 & 32 satellites. SpaceX also expended the most famous first stage booster B-1051-14 into the Pacific Ocean per their customers needs to reach orbit Read More

NASA, SpaceX Adjust Cargo Dragon Launch Date

The SpaceX Dragon cargo craft launches atop the company’s Falcon 9 rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on July 14, 2022. Credit: SpaceX NASA and SpaceX now are targeting no earlier than Monday, Nov. 21, pending range approval, for launch of the company’s 26th commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station for the Read More