Vega-C: power and versatility

Europe’s new launch vehicle, Vega-C, is near completion. Elements will soon be shipped to Kourou for assembly and preparation for Vega-C’s inaugural flight. This new launcher improves its Vega predecessor by offering more power and versatility at similar cost. This new design allows Vega-C to transport larger and heavier payloads into space making it Read More

National Aviation Services (NAS) Jordan to Operate and Manage Aqaba Air Cargo Terminal for another 20 Years

Aqaba with its strategic location and status as Jordan’s special economic zone is a regional hub for trade, tourism and culture National Aviation Services (NAS) (, the leading airport services provider in the emerging markets has renewed its contract with the Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) and Aqaba Airports Company (AAC) to operate and manage Aqaba Read More

SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink satellites and re lands booster for the 81st time in total landings!

On a clear but slightly breezy late evening SpaceX launched Starlink 24 v1.0 from launch complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Florida at 11:44 PM EDT April 28th 2021 or 3:44 UTC. The first stage booster B-1060.7 successfully made it's seventh flight into space helping to deliver all 60 Starlink satellites into the ever growing SpaceX Read More

ESA to build second deep space dish in Australia

ESA, in cooperation with the Australian Space Agency, will construct a new 35-metre, deep space dish antenna at its existing ground station in New Norcia, Western Australia The 620-tonne antenna will help ESA provide crucial communication links to its growing fleet of deep space missions It will be ESA’s second 35-metre antenna at the site Read More

Spacecraft magnetic valve used to fill drinks

ESA A precision magnetic valve originally designed to help steer a lander down to a comet has found a surprise terrestrial use through ESA’s Technology Transfer and Patent Office: adding flavours to beverages within a few thousandths of a second per each can or bottle. Modern filling carousels for beverages are already miracles of automation, Read More

Forest measuring satellite passes tests with flying colours

ESA With challenges imposed by the Covid pandemic, engineers building and testing ESA’s Biomass satellite have had to come up with some clever working methods to keep on track whilst adhering to safety rules. The result is that the satellite structure is not only complete, but has also undergone a series of demanding tests to Read More