Artemis I Managers Wave Off Sept. 27 Launch, Preparing for Rollback 

NASA is foregoing a launch opportunity Tuesday, Sept. 27, and preparing for rollback, while continuing to watch the weather forecast associated with Tropical Storm Ian. During a meeting Saturday morning, teams decided to stand down on preparing for the Tuesday launch date to allow them to configure systems for rolling back the Space Launch System Read More

Watch NASA’s First-Ever Attempt at Deflecting an Asteroid

In just a few days, you can watch live as NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) deliberately crashes into a faraway asteroid.   DART is humanity’s first attempt to change the motion of an asteroid in space by intentionally crashing a spacecraft into it. DART’s target asteroid is not a threat to Earth but is Read More

Portuguese Space Agency promotes aerospace sector with European competition

EuRoC – European Rocketry Challenge is the European rocket launch competition aimed at university studentsThe competition takes place between the 11th and 18th of October, in Ponte de Sor and in Campo Militar de Santa Margarida (Portugal), with the participation of 21 European teams The Portuguese Space Agency promotes, for the third consecutive year, the Read More

Isabel Pardo de Vera, the Secretary of State, inaugurates the third edition of the ENAIRE Inter-University Master’s in Air Navigation Services Management

The programme combines knowledge with real case studiesThe programme was developed by the Polytechnic and Autonomous Universities of Madrid in collaboration with ICAO Yesterday by videoconference, Isabel Pardo de Vera, the Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, inaugurated the third edition of the ENAIRE Inter-University Master's in Air Navigation Services Management, Read More

NASA – Artemis Cryogenic Demonstration Test Concludes, All Objectives Met -with updates and livenews

The launch director has confirmed all objectives have been met for the cryogenic demonstration test, and teams are now proceeding with critical safing activities and preparations for draining the rocket’s tanks. After encountering a hydrogen leak early in the loading process, engineers were able to troubleshoot the issue and proceed with the planned activities. The Read More

How do satellites monitor the ozone layer?

The ozone layer in our upper atmosphere protects Earth from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. The use of human-produced chemicals in our atmosphere used for many years depleted Earth’s ozone layer. However, the reduction in the consumption of ozone-depleting substances driven by the Montreal Protocol – an international treaty designed to protect the ozone Read More

ENAIRE launches its first Business Ideas Competition in Air Traffic Management aimed at students, university graduates and entrepreneurs

Registration period open until 31 December Through its subsidiary CRIDA, it will help turn entrepreneurial initiatives into real projectsThe three ideas selected that stand out during development will receive prizes of 5,000, 3,000 and 1,000 eurosThe best business plan will receive an additional 10,000 euros photo caption: José Miguel de Pablo director of CRIDA a Read More

The Government authorises a contract for nearly 48 million euros to operate the systems that support air traffic management in Spain

Specifically, these systems are the Automated Air Traffic Control Service (SACTA), the presentation of flight plans (ICARO), the radar network and voice communications systems, which are essential for air navigation.The systems located in ENAIRE's five en route and approach control centres, all the radars and every airport will be covered by this service.The contract execution Read More