SpaceX successfully launches the 111th Falcon 9 rocket on 3-24-21!

A gorgeous launch this morning on March 24th 2021 at 4:28 AM EDT or 8:28 UTC for SpaceX Starlink 22 with B-1060.6 flying and landing successfully on OCISLY down range and all 60 satellites have been successfully deployed. This completes the sixth flight for this first stage booster. Well done SpaceX, Elon Musk and team. Read More

United Launch Alliance Delta II Rocket Honored at Grand Opening Ceremony

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta II rocket took its place today among iconic giants in the Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The public exhibit will preserve the lasting legacy of the rocket that fostered the Global Positioning System (GPS) and enabled the exploration of Mars. “While IceSat-2 marked its final mission Read More

How ESA technology contributes to worldwide water security

Whilst demand for fresh water is increasing, water sources are becoming depleted and polluted. With the Global Water Partnership believing that sustainable development will not be achieved without a water secure world, can we look to space to solve our water security problems on Earth? Recycling water on the International Space Station The more that Read More

ESA: New podcast episode: Columbus’ launch to orbit

The latest episode of ESA Explores podcast series ‘Time and Space’ series is out now, with a focus on the launch of Europe’s Columbus laboratory. Columbus is ESA’s science and research laboratory on the International Space Station. It is ESA’s largest single contribution to the orbital outpost and was also the first permanent European research Read More

ESA’s technical heart

Enabling & Support A replica of Europe's first radar satellite ERS-1 stands beside the entrance of ESA's largest establishment and technical heart: ESTEC, the European Space Research and Technology Centre, in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, essential testing for future space missions continues in ESTEC's laboratories and its full-sized satellite Test Centre. ESA-G. Porter Read More

Ten years of safer skies with Europe’s other satellite navigation system

With 26 satellites in orbit and more than two billion receivers in use, Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system has made a massive impact. But our continent has another satnav system that has been providing safety-of-life services for ten years now – chances are that you’ve benefited from it without noticing. EGNOS Its name is EGNOS, Read More