ENAIRE – centre stage at the World ATM Congress, the largest air navigation trade show

It showcases the rollout of the most advanced air traffic control post, iFOCUCS- ENAIRE is leading the development of the U-space concept in Spain to facilitate the growth of the drone sector and Urban Air Mobility- Its CEO, Ángel Luis Arias, noted that "ENAIRE's new services will allow all types of aircraft to coexist safely Read More

The National Action Plan for the Deployment of U-space, which will integrate drones into airspace, is published

The Civil Aviation General Directorate adopts the 2022-2025 Uspace Roadmap, which it jointly authored with the National Aviation Safety Agency and ENAIRE, and with the notable collaboration of the Ministry of Defence As part of the Plan, ENAIRE aims to be certified as the sole common information services provider (CISP) to disseminate static and dynamic Read More

ENAIRE finalist in the Delta Awards for industrial design with the new iFOCUCS air traffic control post

ENAIRE's new air traffic control post will enable air traffic controllers to manage flights more efficiently.ENAIRE will have 132 new iFOCUCS control stations for 2025, which will be distributed in the control centres of Barcelona, the Canary Islands, Madrid, Valencia and subsequently, Seville and the Balearic Islands. ENAIRE was named a finalist at the Delta Read More

BepiColombo lines up for second Mercury flyby

The ESA/JAXA BepiColombo mission is gearing up for its second close flyby of Mercury on 23 June. ESA’s spacecraft operation team is guiding BepiColombo through six gravity assists of the planet before entering orbit around it in 2025. Like its first encounter last year, this week’s flyby will also bring the spacecraft to within about Read More

easyJet signs up for space-enabled digital skies

Passengers on board commercial airline easyJet will speed to their destinations faster and greener, thanks to an ESA-backed initiative to digitalise the skies. The Iris system uses satellites to connect pilots digitally to air traffic controllers, so that flight routes can be optimised. Pilots will be able to fly the most efficient routes, saving time Read More

Earth from Space: Glacier Bay, Alaska, with video

Part of the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, which lies along the coast of southeast Alaska, is featured in this image captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission. Covering over 13 000 sq km of rugged, snow-capped mountains, freshwater lakes, glaciers and deep fjords, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is one of the highlights Read More

ENAIRE recovered 95.1% of flights in May compared to the record levels of 2019

Domestic traffic reaches 97.8% ENAIRE managed over 180,000 flights in the fifth month of the yearThe recovery of air traffic in Spain exceeds the European average by 8.7 percentage pointsThe flights managed in Seville rose by 9.1%Third consecutive month of traffic growth in the Balearic Islands Air traffic is gradually continuing to recover to pre-pandemic Read More

SpaceX beats thunderstorm by minutes launching an Egyptian satellite Nilesat-301 to orbit!

June 8th 2022 - SpaceX launches an Egyptian satellite Nilesat-301 and liftoff was just ahead of a marine warned thunderstorm complex to the southwest at 5:04 PM EDT 21:04 UTC from launch complex 40 Cape Canaveral Florida. First Stage Falcon 9 booster B-1062-7 (its seventh flight) successfully landed on JRTI down range and the satellite Read More

SESAR Project – part of the H2020 European Union Framework Programme

• Airport System Protection from Intruding Drones (ASPRID) is studying innovative ways to protect airports from drone incursions • The project carried out testing of a system to demonstrate its positive impact on threats from unauthorised drones in airport environments • With a duration of two years, ASPRID shares the knowledge and resources from seven Read More