ENAIRE implements operational improvements in the airports of Jerez, Pamplona and A Coruña

The Jerez Airport has a new instrument approach procedure based on satellite navigation for runway 02The Pamplona Airport has a new VOR instrument approach procedure for runway 33The A Coruña Airport will now be able to use its satellite-based approach manoeuvre at night as well, ending with a visual trajectory on a set courseThese improvements Read More

ENAIRE grants nearly 700,000 euros to integrate people with disabilities

As part of a competitive procedure, 11 entities of public benefit have been selected out of a total of 108 applicantsENAIRE's CEO, Ángel Luis Arias, noted that "the number of beneficiaries is estimated to be over 1,000, with 534 placements, some of them in the aviation sector"ENAIRE is offering these subsidies for the second year Read More

NanoAvionics and other UN:IO consortium members to start work on feasibility study funded with €1.4 million by the EU to help create an independent European satellite network of 400 satellites

UN:IO consortium consists of 14 leading European NewSpace companies, led by Reflex Aerospace, launch provider Isar Aerospace and laser specialist Mynaric Smallsat mission integrator NanoAvionics, together with other UN:IO consortium members, will start working on a feasibility study, which has been granted 1.4 million EUR (1.6 million USD) by the European Commission, to create a Read More

NASA Launches Next X-ray Astronomy Mission – with video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VgSkMDaFNk NASA's Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer, also known as IXPE, lifted off Thursday, Dec. 9, at 1 a.m. EST on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.     After a successful launch, the rocket performed as expected, with spacecraft separation taking place 33 minutes into flight. Approximately one minute later, the spacecraft Read More

Science with Webb: the nearby cosmos

The James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) is designed to answer fundamental questions about the Universe. One of Webb’s key science goals is to study the nearby cosmos: uncovering hidden parts of our Solar System, peering inside dust clouds where stars and planetary systems are forming, and revealing the composition of exoplanets in more detail. Exoplanets Read More

Astronaut applicants thanked as ESA contacts all candidates

In brief Applicants to ESA’s astronaut selection are being thanked for their patience as thousands of acceptance or rejection notifications are distributed to candidates across Europe. In-depth Head of Space Medicine at ESA, Guillaume Weerts, says he and his team have been very conscious of the need to give every application the attention it deserves Read More

Earth from Space: Fairbanks, Alaska – with video

The city of Fairbanks, the largest city in the Interior region of Alaska, and its surroundings, are featured in this Copernicus Sentinel-2 image. Visible in the top-left corner of the image, Fairbanks is located in the central Tanana Valley, straddling the Chena River near its confluence with the Tanana River – a 940 km tributary Read More

NASA and SpaceX Launch IXPE from LC-39A Cape Kennedy Florida 12-9-21!

…at 1:00 AM EDT (6:00 UTC) What is IXPE? Built by Ball Aerospace it is the Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer and has three identical space telescopes that measure the polarization of comic rays from black holes, pulsars and neutron stars. These are the most violent areas of the solar system and IXPE will capture new Read More

Mirror, mirror, on the Moon

Mirror, mirror, on the Moon, how far away are you?  High-accuracy Tests is seeking the answer to this and more questions on general relativity, the gravitational dynamics of the Earth-Moon system and the deep lunar interior.   MoonLIGHT is a laser retroreflector, imaged here, which allows laser beams sent from Earth to be reflected back from Read More

Los Alamos National Laboratory awards satellite mission contract to NanoAvionics US

First satellite mission hosting a high-energy astrophysics payload by LANL in 20 yearsDedicated nanosatellite mission to measure cosmic diffuse gamma-ray (CDG) background Smallsat mission integrator NanoAvionics US has received a mission contract by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), one of the largest science and technology institutions in the world. The 12U (1U equals 10 × Read More