ESA tests marine plastic detection in ocean wave facility

Could satellites be able to help track and map the marine plastic waste befouling our oceans? Research teams from across Europe returned to a Netherlands-based ocean wave test facility to try and detect floating plastic. Using a suite of microwave and optical instruments, the researchers are assessing if orbital monitoring of plastic might be practical Read More

ESA: UK innovation helps to fuel European space ambition

The UK’s strong entrepreneurial mindset is helping Europe unleash the huge potential of space to tackle urgent societal and environmental challenges, according to Elodie Viau, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications at ESA. The agency is collaborating with the UK to foster commercial innovation, enable next-generation connectivity, and support the development of satellite-enabled products and Read More

NASA Provides Updated ISS Transition Plan – with video

This week, we delivered an updated International Space Station Transition Report, detailing goals for the next decade of space station operations. Currently, NASA’s research and development activities aboard are advancing the technologies and procedures that will be necessary to send the first woman and first person of color to the Moon and the first humans Read More

ENAIRE, the first organisation to be certified to design flight procedures

The company, which was already providing this service, is adapting to the new European law that require this certificationENAIRE becomes the first organisation certified to provide this service in SpainENAIRE is also certified in five more air navigation services: ATS (air traffic), AIS (aeronautical information), CNS (communications, navigation and surveillance), ATFM (air traffic flow management) Read More

ENAIRE and COPAC make progress in improving operational safety and sustainability through flight observations

The Air Operations Safety and Efficiency Observatory, backed by ENAIRE as part of its 2025 Flight Plan, and by COPAC, received over 1,000 observations in 2021, 60% more than in the previous yearAn environmental sustainability study of operators has been initiated that will allow for reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions of polluting gases, along Read More

The ENAIRE Foundation announces a new edition of its awards intended to promote aeronautical culture

There are a total of five categories, including the R&Drone Award, which is organised in collaboration with Airbus Spain and will be presented to a work that makes a unique contribution to innovation in the drone sectorThe winning works and finalists of the Photography Award will be shown at the inaugural PHE 2022 exhibit, to Read More

SpaceX Launches COSMO SkyMed 2nd Generation Weather Satellite For Italy

....On Monday Jan. 31st 2022 at 6:11 PM EST or 23:11 UTC After Three Weather Delays And A Range Violation! SpaceX completed their 4th launch in 2022, the 4th consecutive southern trajectory and the 2nd RTLS at LZ-1 in January. The COSMO SkyMed 2 is the Italian Space Agency second generation SkyMed satellite for the Read More

‘An historic moment and a milestone achievement in the aviation industry’

Air Race E CEO Jeff Zaltman describes momentous first flight of electric race plane - with video The aviation industry continues to break boundaries with the world’s first flight of a manned electric race plane being the latest in a long list of extraordinary achievements. The Nordic Air Racing Team completed the flight in Norway, Read More

Webb Telescope Arrives at Final Destination -what’s next

The James Webb Space Telescope has reached its new home. This week, the Webb observatory arrived at its final destination, about 1 million miles (1.5 million kilometers) from Earth. A final postlaunch course correction to Webb’s trajectory safely sent our new observatory to orbit around Lagrange point 2, or L2. This position is a balancing Read More

Hibernate for a trip to Mars, the bear way

Hibernating astronauts could be the best way to save mission costs, reduce the size of spacecraft by a third and keep crew healthy on their way to Mars. An ESA-led investigation suggests that human hibernation goes beyond the realm of science-fiction and may become a game-changing technique for space travel. When packing for a return Read More