ENAIRE makes progress in safety, efficiency and sustainability with the expansion of its service certificate to include ADS-B surveillance

2025 Flight Plan - Automatic Dependent Surveillance can provide coverage in areas not covered by other sensors, with a minimal environmental impactENAIRE has in place an ADS-B deployment plan that includes the installation of sensors in strategic locations throughout SpainThis certification was received based on the first facilities set up Spain: the stations of Alicante, Read More

99 objects telling tales from ESA’s technical heart

From simulated moondust to an ultraflat floor, a 3D-printed human bone to a wall decoration that once flew on the Hubble Space Telescope, the new 99 Objects of ESA ESTEC website gives visitors a close-up view of intriguing, often surprising artefacts assembled together to tell the story of ESA’s technical heart. ESA's technical heart  “Objects are Read More

ENAIRE launches Green Sky, its new environmental strategy for sustainable aviation

2025 Flight Plan ENAIRE's strategy will prevent the release of 185,000 tonnes of CO2 over five yearsThe more direct routes will save 9.8 million kilometres from 2021 to 2025The programme is expected to save 58,500 tonnes of fuel and 18.7 million euros The Board of Directors of ENAIRE, Spain's air navigation service provider, has approved Read More

ENAIRE receives the highest score in Europe on the aviation safety key performance indicator

2025 Flight Plan It solidifies its standing as a European leader and benchmark in operational air traffic safety managementAlready in 2021, ENAIRE's Safety Management System has reached the targets set by European law for 2024ENAIRE obtained the highest score in all the areas assessed, more than 12 points higher than the average ENAIRE, Spain's air Read More

NASA interviews with Bob Dempsey

More Science Arrives at ISS on Wednesday December 22nd for College Student Experiments NASA (SPOCS) by SpaceX CRS-24 for Expedition 66 Crew. On Wednesday December 22nd one day after launch SpaceX Dragon delivered 6,500 pounds of cargo, supplies, equipment, food and all important science investigations to the ISS International Space Station at 3:41 AM ET Read More

Best wishes to Webb from space

From one space flier to another, ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer shares a message of support for the James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) launch, from ESA’s Columbus science laboratory on the International Space Station. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uciJ4jyjz8 Matthias is currently living and working in space for his first mission known as Cosmic Kiss. He describes themission of Webb Read More

New cyber-security centre will safeguard ESA assets and missions

ESA is creating a new centre for cyber-security which will safeguard all Agency systems against outside interference, extending from ESA infrastructure around the globe to satellites in orbit. ESA establishments and facilities Space infrastructure is becoming ever more critical for Europe’s economy and society – and adversaries are taking note. Ensuring ‘cyber-resilience’ of our space Read More