23 April: watch Mission Alpha launch live

ESA NASA and SpaceX now are targeting 23 April at 10:49 BST (11:49 CEST) for the launch of the Crew-2 mission to the International Space Station due to unfavourable weather conditions along the flight path on Thursday. French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet is returning to the International Space Station on his second spaceflight. The mission, Read More

Le ministre de l’Economie Franz Fayot a lancé la 3e édition de la « Space Resources Week »

ESA / Organisée pour la 3e fois au Luxembourg, la « Space Resources Week » est la plus grande conférence mondiale exclusivement consacrée à l'exploration et à l'utilisation des ressources dans l'espace. Organisée en mode phygital, la Semaine des ressources spatiales regroupera jusqu’au 22 avril près de 120 intervenants et experts internationaux qui feront le Read More

Dodging debris to keep satellites safe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOo3hgJcNyg Our planet is surrounded by spacecraft helping us study our changing climate, save lives following disasters, deliver global communication and navigation services and help us answer important scientific questions. But these satellites are at risk. Accidental collisions between objects in space can produce huge clouds of fast-moving debris Read More

NASA and SpaceX delays launch of Crew 2 mission to Friday 4/23/21 due to weather concerns!

NASA & SpaceX delays launch attempt of Crew 2 to Friday at 5:49 AM EDT or 9:49 UTC April 23rd 2021 from launch complex 39A at NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida, due to unfavorable weather conditions along the flight path for Thursday. Docking with the ISS is now planned for 5:10 AM EDT Saturday Read More

ENAIRE transfers its U-Space initiatives to GO-DRON, an operational task force for unmanned aviation

• Demand for drone operations has increased since 2018, accelerated by the pandemic in 2020 and even more in 2021, and is forecast for greater growth in the future • Drone operators, AECA, TEDAE, the Civil Aviation General Directorate, Aena, AESA, the Air Force Staff, the Department of Customs and Special Taxes of the Revenue Read More

ESA and FAO unite to tackle food security and more

ESA / With ESA positioned as a world-class provider of Earth observation data and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) leading international efforts to defeat hunger, the two organisations have teamed up to exploit their particular fields of expertise to better address major global issues such as food security, and to take further Read More

Amazon Secures United Launch Alliance’s Proven Atlas V Rocket for Nine Project Kuiper Launches

Atlas V provides important reliability and schedule assurance in launch agreement United Launch Alliance (ULA) announced today that Amazon has secured Atlas V for nine launches supporting deployment of its ambitious Project Kuiper initiative. Project Kuiper is an initiative that will increase global broadband access through a constellation of 3,236 advanced satellites in low earth Read More

How space science is combating climate change

ESA If you have been following International Space Station news, you know that hundreds of scientific experiments are performed in low-Earth orbit and the pace is only increasing. This is great news for scientists, especially those that have been preparing for years to send their experiment to the orbital outpost, but what does it mean Read More