The Lucy Mission To The Trojan Asteroids:    Sept 29,2021

With limited preliminary funding NASA selected the Lucy Mission as a concept in Sept. 2015 and It started taking shape with a very small team of dedicated scientist, mission planners, engineers and staff. In Jan 4th 2017 NASA gave the green light with full approval in Phase A funding for this deep space mission the Read More

Lucy: The First Mission to the Trojan Asteroids

animation of movement of inner planets, Jupiter and Jupiter's Trojans During the course of its mission, Lucy will fly by seven Jupiter Trojans. This time-lapsed animation shows the movements of the inner planets (Mercury, brown; Venus, white; Earth, blue; Mars, red), Jupiter (orange), and the two Trojan swarms (green) during the course of the Lucy Read More

CGTN Channels to Switch to HD in SES and Globecast Renewal Agreement

For the first time, three CGTN channels will be broadcast in HD via SES’s prime neighbourhood of ASTRA 19.2 degrees East Audiences across Europe are now able to watch China Global Television Network (CGTN) channels in high-definition (HD) due to a new capacity agreement, SES announced today. Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, has Read More

United Launch Alliance Successfully Launches Important Earth Science Mission for NASA

A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket carrying the Landsat 9 mission for NASA lifted off on Sept. 27 at 11:12 a.m. PDT from Space Launch Complex-3 at Vandenberg Space Force Base. To date ULA has launched 145 times with 100 percent mission success. “Thank you to our mission partners for the tremendous teamwork Read More

Microgravity on demand with Earth return through ESA’s Boost!

A new round-trip commercial space transportation service from 2022, backed by ESA, will enable companies to manufacture in space very pure and more capable materials, discover new pharmaceutical drugs and bring them back for use on Earth. Space Forge, based in the UK, is working with partners to develop ForgeStar – a reusable suitcase-sized vehicle Read More

Inspiration4 Crew Makes Evening Splashdown, Completing World’s First All-Civilian Orbital Mission to Space

After three days orbiting Earth, the astronauts of Inspiration4 flying aboard SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft safely splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Kennedy Space Center, Florida, at 7:06 p.m. EDT. The return marks the completion of the world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight to orbit, which launched on a flight-proven SpaceX Falcon 9 Read More

Inspiration4 Mission Announces Splashdown Time to Return from Orbit

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL, September 17, 2021 – Tonight Inspiration4, the world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight mission to orbit, shared the crew would return tomorrow, September 18, with a targeted splashdown at 7:06 p.m. EDT in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida. To prepare for this return, Dragon completed two burns tonight to reduce Read More

What’s going on with the ozone?

ESA World governments agreed in the late 1980s to protect Earth’s ozone layer by phasing out ozone-depleting substances emitted by human activities, under the Montreal Protocol. The phase out of these substances has not only helped protect the ozone layer for future generations but has also protected human health and ecosystems by limiting the harmful Read More

Solar cell system

Low-cost solar cells developed by Italian company CESI for terrestrial uses can now be employed in space too. Individually, each business-card-sized solar cell cannot provide sufficient power to do much. But interconnectors allow them to be stringed together and linked into grids, until they are able to generate sufficient current and voltage to satisfy mission Read More

Inspiration4 Crew Launches First All-Civilian Orbital Mission to Space – with photos

On September 15 the crew of Inspiration4, the world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight mission to orbit, officially ushered in a new era of space exploration at 8:02:56 PM EDT as SpaceX’s Falcon 9 lifted off from historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. “Our crew carries the responsibility and importance of this mission Read More