• The EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) and the CEOs of the A6 Alliance have met to reflect on the traffic evolution and performance, considering the impact and contributions of all aviation actors in the network.
  • They also discussed possible measures and lessons learnt in view of summer 2023 and elaborated on other key strategic items of common interest, including technology deployment.

From left to right: Paolo Simioni (ENAV’s CEO), Arndt Schoenemann (DFS’ CEO), Alex Bristol (Skyguide’s CEO), Iacopo Prissinotti (EUROCONTROL’s Director Network Management), Ángel Luis Arias (ENAIRE’s CEO and Chairman of A6 Alliance), Peter Kearney (Chairman at COOPANS Alliance), Florian Guillermet (DSNA’s CEO), Maciej Rodak (VP PANSA), Martin Rolfe (NATS’ CEO).

The CEOs of A6 Alliance and the Director of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) held an executive meeting to reinforce their commitment and joint collaboration to improve the network performance, in terms of capacity, efficiency and sustainability.

ENAIRE’s General Director, Ángel-Luis Arias, as Chairman of the A6 Alliance affirmed “the A6 Alliance will continue working to support the industry’s recovery whilst delivering progress towards a digital sustainable future for aviation”.

Iacopo Prissinotti, EUROCONTROL’s Director Network Management said ”These discussions at executive level are important to prepare summer 2023. The EUROCONTROL Network Manager is there to support the air navigation services providers and all other operational stakeholders with our tools and services and we are continuously working to coordinate joint actions for most efficient, sustainable air traffic in the Network”.

During the meeting, A6 CEOs and NM shared views on the air traffic results in the network in summer 2022 considering the impact of the war in Ukraine and challenges experienced by all the aviation www.A6alliance.net actors. Also, they exchanged views about the outlook for the seasonal traffic demand for the next weeks to come, highlighting that in some regions air traffic demand is already exceeding 2019 levels.

The A6 Alliance and NM also shared lessons learnt from this last summer and discussed preparedness’ about the measures to be prepared for the coming summer in order to ensure the highest service quality for a safer, scalable, more sustainable and efficient service provision. In addition, the CEOs of A6 Alliance and the NM have exchanged views on other key strategic items of common interest.

About A6 Alliance

The A6 Alliance includes the largest air navigation services providers in Europe, responsible for the safe management of more than 80% of Europe’s air traffic. The group was established in June 2011 to coordinate the research and development and investment of the providers within the SESAR programme (Single European Sky ATM Research). Our focus is on the key strategic areas of common interest to our members, influencing the transport and aviation regulations to support our industry’s development.

Our members represent more than 70% of the investment in the future European ATM infrastructure, working together to identify and deploy the latest technology to deliver benefits to our airline’s customers, passengers and the environment. For more information regarding A6 please visit www.a6alliance.net


EUROCONTROL is a pan-European, civil-military organisation dedicated to supporting European aviation. As Europe’s Network Manager, we play a central coordination role, using our technical expertise to support Member States and a wide range of stakeholders (air navigation service providers, civil and military airspace users, airports and aircraft/equipment manufacturers). We strive to make European aviation safe, efficient, scalable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable, partnering with the European Union to make the Single European Sky a reality.

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