Two days before the end of the Artemis I mission, media representatives are invited to join an online press event on Friday 9 December, 15.00 CET with experts on the European contribution to the Artemis I mission, the European Service Module and the Orion spacecraft. 

The Artemis I mission, launched on 16 November from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA, is currently on its 25-day mission to the Moon and back.

The Artemis I test-flight is uncrewed, but the next four European Services Modules are already in production for the European Space Agency at Airbus in Bremen, with hardware delivered by more than 20 companies in ten European countries.

Throughout the mission, personnel based at ESA’s technical heart ESTEC in The Netherlands are on-hand to provide expertise and in-depth knowledge of the European Service Module to the main mission control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, in Houston, USA.

Artemis I will end with a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of California, USA. The European Service Module separates and burns up harmlessly in the atmosphere shortly before the Orion crew module splashes down.


15:00 CET   Short introduction of the speakers followed by the mission update
15:10 CET   Q&A
15:45 CET   End of programme

A recording will be available on request afterwards.


David Parker, ESA Director for Human and Robotic Exploration
Ralf Zimmermann, Head of Moon Programmes and Orion European Service Module at Airbus
Philippe Deloo, ESA ESM Programme Manager
Matthias Gronowski, Airbus Orion ESM Chief Engineer

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