Jim Francisco is correct proudly signing the Artemis Orion “We Are Going” banner in the center with a gold sharpie!

Silver signatures are those who worked on the Lockheed Martin crew module and the European Space Agency service module while it was at the Neil Armstrong O&C building since 2016. Black sharpie signatures are NASA Artemis Astronauts.

After pulling out of the Operations and Check Out building on January 16th 2021 on a KAMAG transporter it set outside in the Florida sun while workers solved a flow issue with the environmental control system before finishing the transport to the MPPF Multi Payload Processing Facility building for a couple of months for fueling and processing.

Also occurring yesterday at 4:00 PM at Stennis Mississippi was an aborted 8 minute Green Run test of the four main SLS engines on the center core. The test was automatically shut down by computers after one minute of ignition and run time. NASA will be going through all the data to determine what the next steps will be.

NASA needs a successful Green Run test so that the center core and engines can be shipped to Cape Kennedy for stacking. NASA has on site at Cape Kennedy the solid rocket booster segments now being stacked in the VAB. The Orion Capsule and service module is ready for fueling and processing, the Atlas 2nd stage is on site being checked out regularly. The mobile launch platform along with transporter are ready and have been tested months ago.

The green run test is critical for Artemis 1 mission’s goal of returning to the moon and stay on track for a late 2021 uncrewed launch.

Article and Photo Credit: Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu and space-news.es