Big milestones for SpaceX today during Starlink 4-21 at 9:11 AM 7-7-22 with the 128th Falcon 9 first stage booster landing, the 50th Starlink flight and the 28th launch this year for SpaceX!!

In clear blue skies with little wind it was a perfect launch including successfull deployment of 53 Starlink satellites and B-1058-13 the 2nd first stage booster (in the SpaceX fleet)  to have flown & landed 13 times!

Just Read The Instructions JRTI was down range for this corporate milestone of 128 booster landings. Simply incredible that SpaceX is the only company worldwide that has the capability to land orbital class rockets after delivering satellites into space and astronauts to the ISS.

Congratulations to the entire SpaceX team for another incredible launch, deployment and landing to the record books!

Also in Port Canaveral is the first stage booster B-1073-2 which has been off loaded after its successful SES-22 satellite launch from this Luxembourg company on June 30th!

Article and Photos Credit: Scott Schilke for and