ESA – 10 remarkable Earth facts

Every year on 22 April, we’ve celebrated Earth Day and the beautiful planet we call home. Earth Day, established in 1970, has been used to highlight our planet’s environmental challenges and raise awareness of the importance of protecting our world for future generations. But shouldn’t every day be Earth Day? We only have one beautiful planet after Read More

13 volcanoes seen from space

Have you ever wondered what a volcano looks like from space? Today, we’re counting down our picks of the most impressive volcanoes around the world – captured by satellites. Our countdown includes Mount Fuji, Mount Mayon and Mount Vesuvius. Satellites orbiting 800 km above us can monitor volcanoes. They can provide real-time data on Read More

Revealing invisible Himalaya glacier loss

New research reveals that ice being lost from glaciers that flow into lakes in the Himalayas has been significantly underestimated. This discovery has critical implications for predicting the demise of the region’s glaciers and for managing critical water resources. Glaciers in the Himalayas are part of the ‘third pole’, so-called because ice fields in high-mountain Read More

Untangling the ocean biological carbon pump

They may be microscopic, but their ability to sequester carbon is phenomenal. We are talking phytoplankton – and scientists working on a project funded by ESA are assessing different aspects of the role that these tiny plants play in the ocean carbon cycle to better understand climate processes. Our oceans play a fundamental role in Read More

Horváth is a new member of the aviation initiative for renewable energy in Germany

International management consultancy brings in industry know-how and expertise in shaping corporate transformations The common goal is to introduce sustainable aviation fuels as early as possible by promoting research and production The international management consultancy Horváth joined aireg – Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany – on February 1, 2023. The initiative bundles commitment Read More

Earth observation supports latest UN climate report

The final instalment of the sixth assessment report by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been released today. The report warns that the planet has already warmed 1.1°C above pre-industrial levels, resulting in more frequent and intense extreme weather events that are causing increasingly dangerous impacts on nature and people in Read More

Call opens for ESA’s twelfth Earth Explorer

Understanding Earth’s delicate natural balance and how it is being altered by human activity is not only key to advancing science but also fundamental to acting on environmental issues, the climate crisis, and preparing for their societal impact. With their hallmark of demonstrating novel space technologies and returning scientific excellence, ESA’s family of Earth observing Read More